Leadership Tool #7: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of focusing on the present and promoting self awareness (Thakrar, 2017). Mindfulness reduces stress and increases productivity. It can be practiced in a variety of ways. It could be something as simple as taking deep breaths to reduce tension or even yoga (Thakrar, 2017). This tool was selected because although it seems like a relatively new technique in the business world, it has been widely successful in large companies.

MindfulnessFigure 1. UNSW Sydney. (2018). Mindfulness and Meditation [Online Image]. Retrieved from https://student.unsw.edu.au/mindfulness-and-meditation

Some simple techniques recommended by Thakrar (2017) is the body scan and breathing meditation. The body scan is when you sit with your back straight and take deep breaths as you start to notice your body from feet to head. This practice promote self awareness. Breathing meditation is through simple breathing exercises (Thakrar, 2017). These examples of mindfulness can easily be done at your desk at work and can help center you in difficult work situations.

Mindfulness also helps to keep emotions under control during stressful situations (George, 2012). Mindfulness connects back to goal setting, it keeps us accountable and connected to them.


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