Leadership Tool #6: Feedback

Feedback is a guideline for what you need to work on and what you’re doing well at. To be an effective leader means being able to give feedback but also to be open to receiving feedback (Craven, 2018). Having open communication between members and leaders of the team aids in team dynamic (Mayhew, n.d.). Mayhew (n.d.) states that through feedback with employees, leaders learn more about employee job tasks and challenges faced by the employees. It provides the leader an opportunity to mentor employees to improve their performance and help them reach their career goals (Mayhew, n.d.). This tool was selected because feedback is necessary to measure performance. It provides an outlet to encourage increased participating in tasks and allows for effective criticism.

For feedback to be effective it must be honest feedback. Even though the truth can be difficult to hear, everyone needs to hear it (Folkman, 2013). Although in a previous post I addressed the importance of positivity, there are occasions where negative feedback needs to be discussed. Honest feedback is only effective if it delivered well and not like a punishment (Folkman, 2013). 

Feedback also improves employee morale. With constant communication, employees and leaders develop a strong and comfortable dynamic. When conflict arises, like in any organization, the practice of open communication and feedback prior will help smooth out any wrinkles (Mayhew, n.d.).  Feedback during conflict is essential when addressing employee and managerial issues.


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