Leadership Tool #4: Liking

Liking and respect are vital parts of being an effective leader but there is a difference between earning respect and demanding respect (Vella, 2016). Earning respect is achieved by a balance of being consistent, responsive, and accepting when you are wrong (Vella, 2016). This tool was selected because it corresponds with all the tools mentioned previously. Positivity, the situation, and morality all work in a manner of liking. Leaders that posses these skills are effective leaders.

Respect also goes both ways. Those that respect and like others will be respected and liked back (Center for Creative Leadership, 2018). Liking can be expressed in many ways. A simple compliment can go a long way (Cialdini, 2009, p. 149). This relates back to the positivity leadership tool as employees respond more favorably to positive feedback as opposed to negative comments (McQuaid, 2015). Communication brings people into the in group and out of the stranger phase.

We also tend to like people that are similar to us (Caildini, 2009, p. 148). By finding common ground, leaders can make it possible for employees to be more comfortable and increases employees perception of their superiors as people too.


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