Leadership Tool #3: Positivity

“Good leadership requires discipline, foresight, and organization. Great leadership, on the other hand, comes with an added dose of strong positivity” (Kruse, 2017). This tool was selected because positivity, although simple, can severely influence a teams dynamic for the better.

Jon Gordon, a motivational speaker and author, discusses positivity to share a message and to encourage your team (Kruse, 2017). Jon Gordon (2017) discusses 9 practices that makes great leaders great, one of them being that “positive leaders confront, transform and remove negativity.” One of the biggest issues in an organization is that of negativity within the team. Positivity can be used to unite a team to encourage them to work towards a common goal. Positivity also inspires positive relationships (Gordon, 2017).

In an article by Michelle McQuaid (2015), she discusses 5 ways to be a more positive leader. She found that when a manager had a conversation with an employee about their weaknesses, their performance went down by 36%. When the manager switched it around and discussed an employee’s strengths, their performance increased by 27% (McQuaid, 2015). This provides proof that by changing once approach from negative to positive it can greatly impact a team.


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